We were investors in Principal since 1999 and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and opportunities that this investment provided. We believed that Sanlam were an excellent new owner for the business and wished them and all the Management staff at Principal every good fortune for the future.

Brian Marsh OBEChairman of B.P. Marsh & Partners PLC
  • In 1999 B.P. Marsh invested in Principal, the provider of discretionary fund management advice to private clients, trusts, charities and a range of corporate customers.
  • Throughout its nine years of investment B.P Marsh provided £2.8m of funding to Principal.
  • Throughout Investment B.P. Marsh was involved in the strategic development of the business and provided capital to bring about increased development and growth.
  • In 2008, B.P. Marsh sold its stake in Principal to Sanlam, the South African insurance and financial services group, for a cash consideration of £5.8m.
  • The sale price represented an investment multiple of 2.1x.
  • The investment and disposal of Principal was an example of B.P. Marsh’s successful strategy and business model, and demonstrates how the Company proactively helps investments mature for the benefit of both the underlying company and the B.P. Marsh shareholders.