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Investor relations

As a company listed on the Alternative Investment Market, B.P. Marsh is responsible for ensuring that it is aware of shareholder needs and expectations. B.P. Marsh attaches great importance to maintaining good relationships with all of its shareholders and interested parties and seeks to ensure that they have access to correct and adequate information at all times.

The Company is aware that as stakeholders, its shareholders play a vital role in the fabric of the Company and therefore regularly engages in dialogue with the Company’s shareholders and is available for meetings with institutional and major shareholders following the release of B.P. Marsh’s Annual and Interim Results.

Much of the Company’s shareholder base is comprised of small retail shareholders holding shares through nominee accounts and therefore the identities of the underlying shareholders are not available to B.P. Marsh. The Company welcomes these, and all, shareholders to make contact with the Company and provide any feedback or comments that they may have.

The Company’s Annual General Meeting is also open to retail investors who hold their shares in nominee accounts.

For any Investor Relations enquiries, please email [email protected].