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Investment process

Our focus

We will consider investment opportunities based in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Internationally.

What we are looking for:

  • Ambitious management teams and entrepreneurs with a credible plan for growing their business.
  • Investment opportunities in Financial Services intermediaries up to £5m (in equity and debt funding).
  • Minority equity investments (typically 20-40%), preferring control to rest with the management team we have backed.
  • We will not invest in insurance companies or businesses exposed to principle risk. Whilst we are able to provide debt funding this is always in addition to, and not instead of, an equity investment.

Investment model

Our focus

In early stage and SME financial services businesses, operating in niche segment where funding difficult to obtain

Relationship Driven

Investors in People

Up To £5m Initial

Investment 20-40% minority equity stakes, scope for follow on funding

Flexible Approach

To investment and exit

Long-Term View

Partnership approach to investment and mutually agreed exit route

Value Add

Apply significant specialist experience and deep sector knowledge acquired across several decades

Investment process

Each individual opportunity is scrutinised by the Investment Team. Should an opportunity be suitable it is then considered by the Investment Committee.

The next stage is for the opportunity to be championed by a member of the Committee, who will be the main point of contact with the proposer/s and will drive the investment process through to the PLC Board.

Information requested includes (but is not necessarily limited to):

  • Financial information; 3 year historic P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements (where available)
  • Financial forecasts; 3 year forecast P&L, cash flow forecast (where available)
  • Background and information on both the business sector and the Management team and key personnel
  • Amount and purpose of investment required
  • However, we recognise that entrepreneurs might want to present an idea to us and we are comfortable with and experienced in assisting opportunities develop to a point where they become susceptible to investment, including assisting in compiling a suitable business plan

The business plan would include detailed consideration of the growth strategy for the business. This would then be tested during the due diligence process and would form the basis for a post-investment plan compiled by our team.

We are focused to be nimble and act quickly where needed, but with a reputation for thoroughness and attention to detail that ensures we have a complete picture of all potential opportunities.

For more information please contact us.

Adding value

Value creation at B.P. Marsh is driven by partnering with ambitious, highly skilled management teams and entrepreneurs seeking a long-term partnership that will provide them not only with growth capital but also access to a team that brings a deep knowledge base in mergers, acquisitions, business sales, business growth and transformation, as well as the financial and legal aspects inherent in growing a business.

B.P. Marsh’s network brings to us and enables us to identify opportunities that fit well with our investment model and where we can add value. We are also able to identify opportunities that would prove to be value-enhancing bolt-on or acquisitions for our existing portfolio companies.

B.P. Marsh’s reputation is built on the people we partner with and we seek to ensure that all our investments are a true partnership. We are comfortable with long-term investment, with a portfolio holding average of 7 years, but having held some investments for 20 years. We do not insist on exit clauses to force through a sale of any business at a set date, preferring to work alongside management to identify the optimum sale and exit route.

We always appoint a Director to the Board of the companies we invest in, to act as a Non-Executive Director and to advise and support management teams during the period of investment, although we do not seek day-to-day operational control. Each investee company also has access to our full team and their experience in particular disciplines or sectors.

As valued stakeholders in the Company, feedback from the management of our Investment Portfolio is important to B.P. Marsh. The Nominee Director placed on the Boards of the Investee Companies report to the Board of the Company whilst periodic meetings held between the Chairman’s Office and the Senior Management of Investee Companies also serve as a direct forum for exchange of information and opinions.