The sale of our stake in Paladin at an IRR of 45% at completion with the potential for significant further consideration over the next two years, is testament to our investment strategy and ability to identify opportunities to back successful management teams and to successfully realise value for our shareholders.
We believe that there are few, if any, UK investors that could have made this investment, demonstrating the specialist position that B.P. Marsh occupies in the marketplace and the opportunities that this can provide our investors.

Jon Newman (Non-Executive Director of Paladin and CBC)Group Finance Director of B.P. Marsh & Partners PLC
  • £42.1m (net of transaction costs) initial cash consideration received from the disposal of the Group’s 43.8% holding in Paladin
  • Internal rate of return to B.P. Marsh of 44% (inclusive of all income and fees) based on initial consideration
  • Repayment to the Group of £5.9m outstanding loans to Paladin
  • £11.5m uplift (38%) from £30.53m valuation as at 31 July 2023
  • Potential for £17.8m further consideration if Paladin achieves defined hurdle
  • Net equity investment of £3.5k