Each individual opportunity is scrutinised by the Investment Team. Should an opportunity be suitable it is then considered by the Investment Committee.

The next stage is for the opportunity to be championed by a member of the Committee, who will be the main point of contact with the proposer/s and will drive the investment process through to the PLC Board.

Information requested includes (but is not necessarily limited to);-

  • Financial information; 3 year historic P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements (where available)
  • Financial forecasts; 3 year forecast P&L, cash flow forecast (where available).
  • Background and information on both the business sector and the Management team and key personnel.
  • Amount and purpose of investment required
  • However, we recognise that entrepreneurs might want to present an idea to us and we are comfortable with and experienced in assisting opportunities develop to a point where they become susceptible to investment, including assisting in compiling a suitable business plan.

The business plan would include detailed consideration of the growth strategy for the business. This would then be tested during the due diligence process and would form the basis for a post-investment plan compiled by our team.

We are focused to be nimble and act quickly where needed, but with a reputation for thoroughness and attention to detail that ensures we have a complete picture of all potential opportunities.

For more information please contact us.