B.P. Marsh & Partners Plc, the specialist investor in financial services intermediary businesses, announces its unaudited Group interim results for the six months to 31 July 2019 (the “Period”).

The financial highlights for the Period are:

  • Net Asset Value (“NAV”) at 31 July 2019 of £130.0m (31 July 2018 restated*: £120.0m; 31 January 2019 restated*: £126.2m)
  • NAV per share of 361p (31 July 2018: 333p; 31 January 2019: 350p)
  • 4.0% increase in the equity value of the portfolio in the Period
  • Profit after tax of £5.6m
  • Final dividend of 4.76p per share for the year to 31 January 2019 declared and paid in July 2019
  • Cash balance of £1.4m as at 31 July 2019
  • Loan facility of £3.0m available to use for investment

The key developments for the Period are:

  • LEBC Holdings Limited valuation impacted by withdrawal from Defined Benefit transfer market. Management actions are underway
  • XPT Group LLC, based in New York City, completed a fourth acquisition in the Period and, post Period-end, successfully raised $40.0m in aggregate in funding and acquired its fifth business
  • Nexus Underwriting Management Limited secured an additional £16.0m in new loan facilities and completed the acquisitions of a specialist Trade Credit Broker and a London-based Financial and Professional Lines Managing General Agency
  • New investment in Ag Guard PTY Limited of Sydney, Australia

Brian Marsh, B.P. Marsh Chairman, commented,

“B.P. Marsh has continued its long track record of delivering NAV growth from its diverse portfolio of investments, despite specific challenges. As a leading specialist investor in global financial services intermediaries and with 50% of our investment portfolio revenues emanating from outside of the UK, the outlook for the rest of the financial year is positive.”

*  Please note that these Interim results reflect the adoption of IFRS 16: Leases, which has had the impact of increasing the Group’s assets by £1.4m and increasing the Group’s liabilities by £1.5m through the recognition of a right-of-use asset and an associated lease liability in relation to the Group’s operating lease on its office premises. There has been negligible overall impact on the Group’s Net Asset Value, however the prior period comparatives have had to be restated accordingly.

Chairman’s Statement

I am pleased to present the unaudited Consolidated Financial Statements of B.P. Marsh & Partners Plc for the six-month period to 31 July 2019.

On 2 September 2019, LEBC Group Limited voluntarily ceased the provision of Defined Benefit pension transfer advice pursuant to a market-wide review by the FCA. As a consequence of this, the Group has reduced the valuation of its holding in LEBC to £23.9m. However due to strong performance elsewhere within the portfolio, the Group is still aiming to conclude the year in a satisfactory position in terms of Net Asset Value. Our Net Asset Value as at 31 July 2019 was £130.0m or 361p per share, up 3% over the Period, notwithstanding the revaluation of LEBC.

During the Period, our partners in New York City, XPT, acquired Klein & Costa Insurance Services, a Managing General Agency and surplus lines broker located in California. XPT continues to have a promising pipeline of new investment opportunities, and we look forward to supporting its growth.

Nexus has continued with its successful acquisition strategy over the Period. In April 2019, it acquired Credit & Business Finance Limited, a specialist trade credit broker, and Capital Risks MGA Limited, a Warranty and Indemnity Managing General Agency. Nexus is now the leading independent UK trade credit broker. Most recently, in July 2019, Nexus acquired Plus Risk Limited, a London based Financial and Professional Lines Managing General Agency.

We were very pleased to complete a new acquisition over the Period. In July 2019, the Group subscribed for a 36% equity stake in Ag Guard Pty Limited (“Ag Guard”), which provides insurance solutions for the Australian agriculture sector, with insurance capacity provided by Munich Re.

The Group’s Australian investments continue to perform well, with ATC being a star performer, achieving significant EBITDA growth.

Walsingham has seen strong growth throughout the Period, with its results exceeding expectations.

The Group has experienced a healthy flow of new investment opportunities, with 42 received over the Period, compared to 32 received over the period to 31 July 2018. We continue to look at a number of domestic and international opportunities.

Currently, 50% of our investee companies’ revenue emanates from the UK, and 50% emanates from overseas.

Since incorporation, we have achieved an average annual compound growth in Net Asset Value of 11.7%, excluding any new funds raised.

For the Group’s Final results, please click here.

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