Our focus

As we are specialists in providing early stage finance we understand the importance of providing a flexible approach to investment. Whether you are a specialist in your own field looking to establish a business, a management team looking to engineer a buy-out or a business that requires development or acquisition capital to grow your business, we are able to tailor our investment model to suit your needs.

We will consider investment opportunities based in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Internationally.

What we are looking for:
• Ambitious management teams and entrepreneurs with a credible plan for growing their business
• Investment opportunities in Financial Services intermediaries up to £5m (in equity and debt funding)
• Minority equity investments (typically 20-40%), preferring control to rest with the management team we have backed.
• We will not invest in insurance companies or businesses exposed to principle risk. Whilst we are able to provide debt funding this is always in addition to, and not instead of, an equity investment.