Adding value

Value creation at B.P. Marsh is driven by partnering with ambitious, highly skilled management teams and entrepreneurs seeking a long-term partnership that will provide them not only with growth capital but also access to a team that brings a deep knowledge base in mergers, acquisitions, business sales, business growth and transformation, as well as the financial and legal aspects inherent in growing a business.

B.P. Marsh’s network brings to us and enables us to identify opportunities that fit well with our investment model and where we can add value. We are also able to identify opportunities that would prove to be value-enhancing bolt-on or acquisitions for our existing portfolio companies.

B.P. Marsh’s reputation is built on the people we partner with and we seek to ensure that all our investments are a true partnership. We are comfortable with long-term investment, with a portfolio holding average of 7 years, but having held some investments for 20 years. We do not insist on exit clauses to force through a sale of your business at a set date, preferring to work alongside management to identify the optimum sale and exit route.

We always appoint a Non-Executive Director to the Board of the companies we invest in, to advise and support management teams during the period of investment, whilst not interfering with the day-to-day operational running of your business. Each investee company also has access to our full team and their experience in particular disciplines or sectors.